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Lord Fam Festing it up in Deutschland

Enjoying a pretzel

Sumo wrestling

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Max and Siblings at 2 months old

Max- 1 May 2012

Ellie- 16 Jan 2009

Jack- 19 Feb 2007

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Easter Bunny Photo 2012

Max and Siblings at 1 Month Old

Max at 1 Month: 1 April 2012

Ellie at 1 Month: 16 Dec 2008
Jack at 1 Month: 19 Jan 2007


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The Faces of Jack

Happy face

Sad face

Mad face

Silly face.

The Faces of Ellie

Happy face

Sad face

Mad face

Silly face.

First T-Ball Practice

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Fatherhood in the Apple Age

Saying goodnight on FaceTime.

Location:Millchase Ct,Montgomery,United States

0915: Getting closer

8cm at 0846

Things are moving now.

Still waiting

0815: Contractions still coming regularly, but not pushing yet.

Location:Winton Blount Blvd,Montgomery,United States

At the hospital

Left the house at 0350, at the hospital. I think we will be doing this today.

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Location:Blushing Groom St,Montgomery,United States

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tuskegee Airmen

View of Mouton Field, home of the Tuskegee Airmen

Lunch time picnic at Tuskegee

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Location:Chief Anderson,Tuskegee,United States

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Jack and I had an awesome opportunity to go to Ft. Benning today and see the Army do a live fire exercise.  Here are some pictures and a video of the festivities.
The Bradley's, Strykers, and Tank that were in the live fire.

Jack controlling the targeting system in the Stryker.  He kept asking, "Why isn't it actually shooting bullets?"

At the the targeting station in the tank.
Me:"Do you think this is cooler than an F-16?" Jack:"No dada, these are way cooler!!"
Me and My Shun

Video of the live fire

Jack the swimmer