Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Ellie Walking!

Ellie is walking more and more every day. It's pretty amazing, actually. Here's some video from tonight of our little one strutting her stuff!

Just a little warning to the grandmothers - there are a couple spills. But, she's fine. She falls all the time.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Steps

Southern Boy?

You know how people say Florida isn't really the south? Well, apparently Jack didn't get the memo. He has been saying a couple words with the most ridiculous southern accent. I think it's exaggerated for our benefit because we crack up and make him repeat words over and over again until we're hysterical.

Here's an example of one of our favorites - "down" - from an interview with Lightning McQueen.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Uh Oh"

Ellie says a couple words but never seems to say them on command. What is that about? I did manage to catch her favorite phrase "Uh oh" the other day. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

11 Months Old

Here are some photos of Ellie from yesterday! I can hardly believe she will be a year old in one short month. She's funny and into everything. She literally spends all day long pulling things off shelves and out of drawers. The positive is that she's really good at playing on her own. When she's not in the mood, Jack is always around to "occupy her" as he says.

Ellie now has 3 teeth: her two bottom teeth and one incisor. When that thing grows she's gonna look ridiculous. I think she's just trying to keep up with the times and heard that vampires are in.

Likes: Food, dancing!, taking 5 steps, speed crawling, climbing, the boob, sippy cup, high fives, saying "Uh oh."

Dislikes: Diaper changes, when people take away food, sitting in high chair for too long, sleeping anywhere but her bed.
As you can see, her hair is strawberry blondish light brownish and her eyes are still blue. And the cheeks are remain large and in charge.More pictures!

Not script Ohio, but stil cool.

We are Lucky

I have some 11 month photos of Ellie to share, and I will try to edit and upload them during nap this afternoon.

All I can think about at this moment is how completely lucky we are. Our little family is healthy and happy. We have two beautiful children who were born without complication. They grow and amaze us every day.

Others are not so lucky. The small F16 community has had more than its fair share of loss lately. While I don't any of these families personally, I feel like I do. The community is small - each is a friend of a friend. And because of the unique challenges of Kevin's line of work I feel an immediate bond for others in the same position.

Please send love, good thoughts and prayers:
(You can click on the name to read the family's blog or the relevant news article.)

The Sullivan Family: On September 22, 16 days after delivering a healthy baby girl, Sara Sullivan lost her battle with cancer. Brady and baby Chloe are adjusting to life without his wife and her mom. Here's a news story, too: Breast Cancer Claims Young Mom (Thanks for that link, Lesli.)

The Giglio Family: Captain Nicholas Giglio of Shaw Air Force base was involved in a mid-air collision on Thursday. Thankfully, the other pilot involved was able to land safely. Capt Giglio is still missing.

The Friedman Family: Katie died yesterday shortly after delivering a healthy baby boy. Her husband flies F-16s at Aviano (Italy), he went to the Academy with Kevin and now has two young boys to care for alone.

Now that I've thoroughly depressed us all, I'm going to hug my kids.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Future Models?

Obviously! And their time has arrived.

Like a giant loser, I've entered Jack and Ellie in the Gap Casting Call. But, hell, you get a coupon code just for entering so why not?

So while you're over there entering your own little one, can you throw a vote or two our direction?


You can vote once a day until November 17. (That is code for bookmark the page and return every morning to vote for the Lord kids.)

I can submit a couple more photos. Do you have a recent favorite of either kid I should include?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Meet Nemo

To say that Jack enjoyed Disney World would be a major understatement. But of all the characters we met, rides we rode and shows we saw one is a clear favorite. The Finding Nemo Musical. How do I know it's his favorite, you ask?

Exhibit 1: This video of Jack, I mean "Nemo", singing "Big Blue World" from the musical and then telling me our names.

In case you missed it, Jack goes by the name "Nemo", Ellie is "Dori", I am "Mr. Ray" and Kevin is "Mr. Shark" - all characters from Finding Nemo.

Exhibit 2: School yesterday. Hysterical. Kevin took Jack to school in the morning. When he was preparing to leave the teacher said, "Jack say goodbye to your dad" (because, as usual, Jack had run off to play with not a care in the world). Jack said, "I'm Nemo!" to his teacher and turned to Kevin and said, "Goodbye Mr. Shark!"

It was more of the same when I picked him up. As all the other children we squealing "Mom!", my son saw me and yelled "Mr. Ray!" as he came bounding toward me for a hug. His teacher must have been corrected enough throughout the morning because she correctly said, "Goodbye Nemo" as we left.

This isn't the first time we all have to go by character names. For a while, I was always "Sally" to Jack's "Lightning" (Cars). And sometimes he is "Alex the Lion," I am "Gloria," Kevin is "Melman," and Ellie is "Moto Moto" (the fat hippo ha ha!) from Madagascar.

Oh, and when we were at Disney there was one day we were all princesses. Jack was "Aurora," my mom was "Cinderella," I was "Belle," and Kevin was "Prince Charming." Who was Ellie? "Princess Castle Sidewalk." I kid you not. I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

In any event, even with all the imaginary play and names we have had over the past couple months none have stuck quite like Nemo.

Phew, this was long. I'm off to make Nemo's breakfast.