Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doha Auto Show

I went to the Doha car show, one thing is for certain, if there is enough money, anything is possible.  the car show was pretty amazing and everything was free, paid for out of the benevolence of the Emir.  here are some of the highlights:

before i knew everything was free, had to hit the atm.  luckily they had a mobile atm set up  as part of the car show
i think there is a car in this picture, don't remember though

Yes, a working IMAC in the rear window
And my favorite, the IPAD in the dash for the radio
But in all seriousness, it was a really good auto show, my for real favorites were:
Skyline GTR...if I am ever stationed in Japan...
CTS-V, not my Grandpa's Caddy

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years in Afghanistan

While Christmas 2010 was a day of many firsts, New Years was also a day first... I rung in the New Year in Afghanistan...what a cold, windy, and dusty place.  It was definitely interesting and really made me appreciate where I am now.  Here are some pictures from the trip:
I didn't take this picture, or fly on THIS plane, but I rode in a C-20 like this...
This is what it looked like on the inside...notice the disgruntled "steward" in the background
The Afghan countryside view from the base
Slightly better T-Wall installed yet
Standing in front of an MRAP...HMMWV's are so 2003
MRAP Convoy leaving the base
I dont look very tough, but it was friggin' cold