Friday, May 30, 2008

Swim Lessons

Today was Jack's second backyard swim lesson. Kevin's squadron commander's mother is a swim instructor in Oregon and she is visiting her family for a few weeks and offered to teach some swim lessons for children in the squadron. Between this week and next, she is teaching 8 classes in the commander's backyard pool.

Jack's first class was Wednesday and he did GREAT. He seriously didn't cry once and seemed to really enjoy himself. This morning, however, was another story. He kind of cried and fussed his way through the entire class. (It's not unusual. Seriously, you can barely hear Myrna, the instructor, over the kids crying throughout the class.)

I'm really impressed with how much the little kiddos are already doing after only a few lessons. This morning we were working on "swimming" to the edge of the pool from a few feet away and rolling onto their backs to float.

Jack resting between his turns.

The group:

Here's Jack "swimming" (I use that term loosely) to Myrna and then being helped to his back. That awful gagging sound you hear at the end is not Jack, it's some other poor kid.

In this video Jack is floating on his back and then rolls over and "swims" to Myrna.

Jack "swims" to Mama! (I don't know why the darn thing is sometimes showing up black, but if you click the play button below it will work like the others.)

Jack conked out in the car on the way home. Swim lessons can tire a boy out! I think he might be slightly traumatized from today because even though he is sound asleep in his crib every couple of minutes he cries loudly like he's having a nightmare. I will give him lots of kisses when he wakes up.

Bump Watch 2008

Back by popular (or not so much) demand, here is a picture of my belly from today. I am 14 weeks pregnant - yay second trimester! Please excuse the bathing suit top, but we live in Florida now so that is how we roll.

For the sake of comparison, the bottom picture was taken when I was 14 weeks pregnant with Jack. Holy pasty whiteness! Thanks, Germany. And, yes, I'm wearing the same jeans in both pictures.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playing at the Park

Wednesday morning was lots of fun for Jack and mama. We went to the Niceville Public Library to pick up a book and Jack immediately recognized the children's room where we attend "Baby Bookworms" every week. He was most interested in playing on the computers he discovered our last trip to the library. We played a Barney game that totally kept his attention. It's kind of crazy.

After our short trip to the library, we spent the rest of the morning at the Niceville Children's Water Park. Much like his adventures in the ocean, Jack took a little bit to warm up to the spraying water but once he did he had a blast. When one of the fountains would turn off, Jack would hold his hands out to his side like he was shrugging and say, "Wawa?"

I did catch one conversation about the water on video.

Almost forgot to add the cutest part of the day. As we were leaving Jack said, "Bye wawa." So sweet.

Day at the Beach

We had a great four day holiday weekend. We spent one morning at the Henderson State Park Beach in Destin.

Jack spent the first part of the morning playing with beach toys and his only interest in the ocean was sending one of his parents to get a bucket of "wawa". After a little encouragement, he discovered the waves and had a blast! He seriously had no fear and would just RUN full speed ahead towards the water and then giggle when the waves crashed around his knees.

This is the only video from the day, but you can kind of get the idea of Jack running full speed ahead toward the ocean.

Our Blog Has Arrived

Okay, so we've started a family blog. We send lots of pictures on Snapfish to family but we are hoping this will be a great way to tell the stories that go along with all those of pictures of Jack.