Monday, August 24, 2009

Hungry Hippo

Here's a quick video of Ellie's impression of a hungry, hungry hippo. Or a vaccum cleaner. Yes, she is sucking up pieces of banana off her plate rather than wasting the time on the extra step involving her hands.

(Ignore the background noise - we were having fun with the Krols!)

So lady like. Not. She must be going through a growth spurt because she's been eating more than her father for the past couple days.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9 Months Old!

Miss Elizabeth turned 9 months old on Saturday! I can't believe she'll be one year old in three short months. She is, well, ridiculous. She continues to adore her big brother and has really started to try to play with him lately. She will just crawl around behind him and grab at the toys he's playing with. Jack alternates between ignoring her and getting utterly annoyed that the "Ellie Monster" is touching his toys.

Ellie weighs about 19 pounds, which might not sound like much, but Jack didn't weigh that until he was nearly a year old. She's a very good eater and has been tasting a lot of our table food if I cut it into small pieces. She still doesn't have any teeth, though. She may need dentures, apparently. She is addicted to those Gerber Puffs and will cruise along the coffee table if you place the Puffs like a trail to bribe her. But, seriously, if she's fussy, she calms the instant she sees the Puffs. It's hysterical in a my-child-is-food-obsessed kind of way.So, here's what you're all waiting for... the photos! Sadly, I really don't have a good picture with the "I'm 9 Months Old Today" sign. Yet. We'll cheat and try again when Kevin is around to help out.

All dressed up for her big photos and all she got out of it was a knot under her eye. Poor thing was on the losing end of a run in with the coffee table. I was terrified it was going to turn hugely black and blue but thankfully it didn't and actually looks almost normal now.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dam, that's a big dam.

Hoover dam chillin with my parents.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fountains of Fun

We were in search of something a little different tonight so we hit the fountains at Grand Boulevard in Sandestin. It was awesome! The shopping area itself is super fancy and there are lots of nice restaurants. We looked super classy showing up Saturday night with half naked kids to play in the fountains. But, whatever... it was totally worth it. Both kids had a total blast.

Ellie even got into the fun!
Showing off her new favorite trick - clapping!
Jack brought his new dump truck, that he has creatively named "Dumpy."
I love how totally adventurous he is in the fountains this year. Last year he was a little timid and not so into it. Now, he runs around like a wild man and has a great time.

Sasa's Here!

Sasa / Mama Lisa / My mom arrived Wednesday and we've been having loads of fun. Jack and Ellie are really enjoying the extra attention and love. We're going to miss her after she goes home tomorrow.

Here are a couple pictures from our trip to Seaside today.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate!

Happy Birthday Kate! Today is Kate's birthday and for the third year in a row the Air Force has sent me away for her birthday. But I am sure Kate is staying busy with the kids and her mom and she has assured me that she will celebrate her birthday with a shopping spree at the outlet mall. In honor of Kate's birthday here is a picture of her on her very first birthday.
If you have a chance drop a line and wish Kate a Happy Birthday.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Project Down

So I finally had enough with the carpet and decided it was time for a change. So with the help of some friends (Aneel and Jason) I was able to remove all the carpet and tile from a good portion of the house and have Pergo installed. Check it out...
View from the Florida room looking at the dining room and entry way.The entry way from the dining room.
Lastly, the tv mounted on the wall with the wires through the wall...just for Louie.

Help a Mama Out

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