Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 09

Spike the dinosaur was a big hit. Merry Christmas to everyone and best
wishes for the New Year.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Pictures!

Why do we think that kids like Santa?


Happy Birthday, Jack!

We can hardly believe our little man is 3!

Three years ago today we were enjoying our tiny baby boy in a hospital in Bitburg, Germany. And now he's a rambunctious, moody, talkative, hilarious, lovable boy.

Jack is trying very hard to prove the old wives tale that three is actually worse than "terrible two." To put it mildly, he's been very difficult lately. But, in the midst of testing boundaries and working our nerves, he remains charming and sweet. (Thank god, or we might give him away. Just kidding!)

Jack loves "school" two days a week and talks my ear off on the drive home about his friends and "craps" (crafts). When we're playing at home, he likes to drive his Lightning McQueen car (an early birthday and Christmas present from Memere and Papa Lou), play with puzzles, crash matchbox cars and read books. He continues to have mixed emotions about Ellie - in one moment annoyed that she is trying to play along with him but the next saying "I wuvs zhu, Ewwie" and giving her a hug.

In true birthday spirit, Jack sang to himself all day. Here's one performance for your enjoyment.

Happy Birthday, Jack! We love you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Official Announcement. Sort of.

As if it wasn't already clear, I suck at maintaining this blog. The Shopping Mama just takes all the computer time I have. And more, actually. I'd love to update this as often as I used to, but at this point it's not realistic. I have deadlines and responsibilities on the other blog (and Twitter and Facebook and the blog) so all that usually takes priority.

The good news is that I often post about the kids - like Jack's soccer photos, Ellie's birthday party and funny things toddlers say - so when you want an Adventures of the Lord Family fix, check out The Shopping Mama. You never know, you might discover some awesome kids' toys, find something fun to buy or win something. Cheyenne did!